26 avril 2011

Maersk Line : a mirror of international trade

Maerks Line ship
Maersk Line is one of the leading liner shipping companies in the world, serving customers all over the globe.With a fleet numbering more than 500 container vessels and more than 1,400,000 containers, they comprehensive worldwide coverage, their feeder vessels, trucks and dedicated trains allow us to offer a unique concept of door-to-door services.By nature their activities reflect the international trade.

Some challenges are affecting the future of this business : security, energy and concern, but also environmental technology through the necessity of optimization of routes and logistics. A detailed analysis of the case enlight that main environmental component are first the level and structure of international trade that favour long-haul route strategy and use of large vessel with meticulous route analysis to handle the asymetric mouvement ( ie: china export more volume of trade than they import). A second element that favour this evolution is clearly the structure of infra-structure which are more and more regionalized around martime Hubs. Theathens came from piracy question and evolution of price of energy that could account up to 40% of cost of transportation. Clearly that reinforce actual strategy of Maersk.

A wonderful study from MMUI at Jakarta(if you like dreams and travelling)

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