27 avril 2011

Toyota or the reputation challenge

Toyota concept
Toyota grew up through productive innovation. Kan ban, TQM, were the arm to conquer the world building undisputable image of reliability. But it was hurted and the very challenge is in its restauration. This reputation is not only necessary for actual sales but also to prepare futur environmental change that will transform twofold the industrive automotive industry. Global warming imply to be able to reduce production of CO2 and so to able able to market more efficient cars and avoid critiscism from the society. But also be able to introduce completly new solution of motorization, that's the challenge of the Hybrid car which compete with alternative proposition as purely electrical vehicule as such the renault project. That's needs credibility.

What has to be considered is that reputation is not only a question of end-users and consumer, but involved a large number of third party : consumer association, government, scientists, urban planners. Change in the automotive industry will imply a reconfiguration of the structure of the markets, and more than being well evaluated for cars, the challenge will be to be considered as a transport solution provider as this video show it, or as Thomas Frey described it. The question is not new.

If today carbon concern is high, oil peak a quasi reality, urban concentration and traffic jam is also a big concern for this industry, especially in Asian town where an tremendous increase of car population is observed. This three factor will arouse a need for disruptive innovation, and those who will win has to be credible with the solution they propose.

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