18 décembre 2011

Post Global Marketing

we are the 99%
A second session is open for the workshop " Marketing in globalization", or better "Post Global Marketing", as the development of emergent economies if not mature is for a large part achieved. A economies get stronger, cutural renewal threathens the large scale of globalized product and services.

Think local and act global, was the conclusion of the first session. The post global era could innovate anywhere, and diffused from this quickly everywhere. A multipolar world is developing through mégapoles : NY, LA, Sao paulo, Mexico, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Jakarta, Singapour, Dubai, Tokyo, Pekin, Shangai, Hong konk, Delhi, mumbai, Cairo, Tel aviv, Teheran, Casablanca, Joannesburg, Moscou....

This year, five cases will be studied :

DAY ½ : Kick-off :defining the key issues
DAY 2 : Workshop + consulting ( tirage au sort des passage matin+ apres)
DAY 3 : Presentation every hour.

Assignement due for the 15th  january : analytical memo 8/12 page + references. .

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